Job description - healthcare professions

Have a look on the different jobs in the healthcare industry. Role, evolution, employment opportunities... Medical secretary, nurse, laboratory technician, physician, midwive, and even medical equipment representative, see what are the hiring opportunities in Canada for the next years.

Project manager – Healthcare sector

Health care project manager works for companies, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and independent or government organizations. Their job is to make sure that projects run smoothly and are completed successfully. Types of projects include new drugs, enhancing a health care system, deploying activities, setting up studies, etc. To do this, they are in charge of observing […]


Dietitians plays an increasing role in our current society, healthy eating having become synonymous with good health, well-being and increased life expectancy. The person who usually works in a hospital or health care setting is usually called a dietitian, while one who works in a community environment is generally a nutritionist. DESCRIPTION Dietitians are active […]

Social worker

74% of social workers work in the health and social services sector and 19% work for the government. The aging of the population will lead to good job opportunities in the private sector, particularly in gerontology and home care services. There are also many openings for social workers who want to work in rural areas […]


While the demand in social needs is continually increasing, the demand for psychologists is not necessarily following the same trend. In some provinces, young grads get three job offers, while in others psychologists must make do with several part-time jobs, sharing their time among various establishments. DESCRIPTION Psychologists help individuals deal with their personal difficulties […]


Midwives draw on their experience and knowledge to help other women bring life into the world. The profession has been around for ever but it was only in 1999 that it was regulated in most Canadian provinces and territories. Plus de 21 maisons de naissance au Québec devraient voir le jour d’ici 2018. DESCRIPTION The […]

Audiology – language disorders

Hearing and language disorders are often associated (at the professional association level, for example) although in reality they are not always related. Language difficulties may stem from poor hearing, but often depend on behavioural, attentional and socioaffective disorders. Various professionals detect and treat language disorders including school psychologists, remedial teachers, speech therapists, neuropsychologists, pediatricians and […]

Specialized medicine

In Canada, 51.3% of GPs and 48.7% of specialists work mainly in specialized offices or hospitals. Specialists also supervise medical students and residents. Throughout their careers, they update their knowledge to master the application of new technologies and new treatments, to follow the development and the latest research perspectives and to discover the emergence of […]

Practice general medicine in Canada

A profile of physicians in Canada, by the CIHI – Canadian Institute for Health Information, states that they have never been so many (82,198) and their numbers are growing three times faster than the Canadian population (a trend that is expected to continue over the next few years).  However, Canada has been experiencing a shortage […]

Medical equipment representative

Medical equipment comprises a wide range of equipment– except drugs—used to diagnose, mitigate, prevent or treat diseases. It includes various products and fields such as furniture, equipment, supplies, assistive or corrective devices, instrumentation, disinfection, transfer and services, medical clothing, physical therapy and first aid. Before being marketed in Canada, these products must be approved by […]

Medical research: careers and employment perspectives

The objective of medical research is to improve the diagnoses, treatment, prevention and cure of patients. It comprises basic research—which does not have an economic finality at the outset—and clinical research and its technological applications (e.g. vaccines, drugs, devices, prosthetics). Governments, private foundations, companies and volunteer organizations participate actively in medical research, which is done […]

Laboratory – diagnostics – medical imaging careers

The medical diagnostic sector is doing well. The increasing elderly population has a direct impact on the level of the activity of labs and medical imaging requirements. While looming retirements should free up some positions, increased use of automated diagnostic and treatment procedures could slow down job creation. OVERVIEW OF THE MEDICAL RADIATION TECHNOLOGIST AND LAB TECHNOLOGIST […]

Nurse: perspectives and career path

The retirement of nurses, the growing elderly population and increase in home care all explain the shortage of nurses that Canada is currently experiencing. Governments have decided to do something about promoting the nurse profession, which is the keystone of the health care system. The nursing profession is characterized by the variety of jobs, large […] network