Healthcare career tools and resources

You will find here healthcare related tools and resources to help you choose a medical career, apply on wellness jobs, prepare for a healthcare job interview, assess your healthcare skill set, and much more.

Advice for healthcare candidates and tools to apply in medical industry

Needs in candidates in healthcare industry are huge, everywhere in Canada. Read employers' and recruiters' recommendations, as well as healthcare specialized placement agencies to learn how to write a resume, how to prepare hiring interview and get some tips to stand out. Learn which challenges is now facing the medical and healthcare industry, what are the employment opportunities, and how to train and apply to get exciting responsibilities and careers. See how to convince recruiters, with useful tips, and advice: you will find here several tailored resumes templates and cover letters to help you to apply to healthcare positions.

Job description - healthcare professions

Have a look on the different jobs in the healthcare industry. Role, evolution, employment opportunities... Medical secretary, nurse, laboratory technician, physician, midwive, and even medical equipment representative, see what are the hiring opportunities in Canada for the next years.

New opportunities in healthcare in Canada

Rural GPs, nursing, medical counsellor or new opportunities in geriatrics, mobile health.... needs of medical and healthcare professions continue growing in Canada. See what are sectors are the most in demand currently and for the next coming years, to choose your professional orientation. Read professionals interviews about day to day healthcare industry.

Resumés and cover letters templates for healthcare candidates

Here you will find templates of CVs and personalized cover letters for different health professions. You can draw inspiration from the nurse's CV model, or from a medical secretary. You will also find sample presentations for beneficiary attendants who wish to apply for a job and respond to an ad

Useful resources for Canadian healthcare professionals

Useful resources for Canadian healthcare professionals to learn more about the industry and help you in your healthcare job search network