Advice for healthcare candidates and tools to apply in medical industry

Needs in candidates in healthcare industry are huge, everywhere in Canada. Read employers' and recruiters' recommendations, as well as healthcare specialized placement agencies to learn how to write a resume, how to prepare hiring interview and get some tips to stand out. Learn which challenges is now facing the medical and healthcare industry, what are the employment opportunities, and how to train and apply to get exciting responsibilities and careers. See how to convince recruiters, with useful tips, and advice: you will find here several tailored resumes templates and cover letters to help you to apply to healthcare positions.

The hundred faces of health

Studying in the health field opens the door to a wide variety of positions. It’s not necessary to do a PhD or follow university level studies to be able to manipulate tools, offer patients an attentive ear, perform tasks following well-established standards, etc. SOMEWHAT… INTERESTED IN STUDIES Secondary V graduates who are interested in the […]

Interview with a project officer in healthcare

Meeting and interview with Carlee-Ann Dueck, project officer with the health department of Manitoba Since she started working for Health Manitoba almost three years ago, Carlee-Ann Dueck has been in charge of the Physician Integrated Network Initiative, a local initiative that will be extended if it is successful. COULD YOU TELL US WHAT YOUR PROJECT […]

Towards a better integration of foreign-trained health care professionals

Nursing graduates and doctors trained abroad make up a significant workforce in the Canadian health care system. The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) published a study stating that out of 82,198 doctors practicing in Canada in 2017, nearly 26% were trained outside the country. CURRENT SITUATION The proportion of  doctors trained outside of Canada […]

Interview with the director of human resources of Toronto General Hospital

“The candidate’s enthusiasm is capital!”  Interview with Bill Locke, Director of human resources of Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network WHAT JOB OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE WITH THE TORONTO GENERAL HOSPITAL AND THE UNIVERSITY HEALTH NETWORK? The University Health Network includes three hospitals: the Toronto General Hospital, specializing in transplantations and cardiovascular medicine; the Toronto Western Hospital, […]

Canadian healthcare professionals – recruiting tips

Canadian placement agencies specializing in health care are experts at recruiting in this sector. On the basis of this experience, many gave us their recommendations for candidates and their vision of the market. EXPERIENCE ABOVE ALL! Canadian placement agencies specializing in health care look mainly at the professional experience of candidates. When they receive a […] network