Project manager – Healthcare sector

Health care project manager works for companies, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and independent or government organizations. Their job is to make sure that projects run smoothly and are completed successfully. Types of projects include new drugs, enhancing a health care system, deploying activities, setting up studies, etc. To do this, they are in charge of observing deadlines and ensuring the effective involvement of the various stakeholders. At the same time, they make sure projects stay on budget and note any potential drifts.

They are in permanent contact with their higher-ups to report the progress of the initiative they are setting up. The tasks of health care project managers vary depending on the size and type of organization for which they work. Usually, they establish a detailed project plan that maps out the risks, required investments and strategies to be implemented. Often considered a resource person by participants, they are also called upon to organize and host internal and/or external meetings.

Working in a sector that is itself continually changing, project managers must stay current with what’s new in the field (e.g. legislative, scientific and technological changes). This may require actively participating in conventions, symposiums, information meetings, workshops and conferences.


  • advanced degree in health science, health information, social science or a related field; a relevant combination of education and experience may be sufficient
  • knowledge of the Canadian health care environment, current legislation, players and legal constraints
  • supervisory aptitudes
  • knowledge and understanding of the chain of responsibilities in the health care sector
  • proficiency in the use of computer tools (MS Project an asset)


  • time management skills
  • teamwork skills
  • multi-team coordination skills
  • self-starting
  • good communication skills (oral and written)
  • ability to step back
  • adaptability
  • listening skills
  • ability to manage highly specialized individuals (knowledge of the field’s jargon, ability to simplify)
  • thoroughness
  • charisma

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