While the demand in social needs is continually increasing, the demand for psychologists is not necessarily following the same trend. In some provinces, young grads get three job offers, while in others psychologists must make do with several part-time jobs, sharing their time among various establishments.


Psychologists help individuals deal with their personal difficulties and reach their full potential. To do this, they draw on a variety of methods dealing with emotions, memory, language, thought and communication, etc. Psychologists may work as practitioners in hospitals, schools, clinics, correctional facilities, in private practice, or as investigators or professors.


  • Conduct psychological analyses using the various means and evaluation tools available to them.
  • Study observed symptoms, draft hypotheses.
  • Take hereditary genes into account.
  • Work on mental or coping problems.
  • Advise individuals and propose personalized treatment and follow-up.
  • Conduct experiments.
  • Publish research results.


To practise psychology in Canada, psychologists must hold a licence, and a master’s or PhD degree (depending on the province) recognized by the regulatory body of the province or territory.

Those rare students who want to start working right away after the bachelor’s degree are advised to take additional courses in criminology, social services, educational psychology, toxicology or gerontology. Ninety per cent of students who get a master’s or Ph.D. end up working in their fields.


  • Proficiency in the use of tests, social science methods and statistics
  • Familiarity with the scientific aspects of psychological processes
  • Master of related disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, biology, teaching, etc.
  • Knowledge of psychometric principles


  • Listening skills and empathy
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Thoroughness and method
  • Good judgment
  • Interpersonal skills and openness toward others


After several years of experience, some may choose to go into private practice, specialize in research or start a consulting firm. network