New opportunities in healthcare in Canada

Rural GPs, nursing, medical counsellor or new opportunities in geriatrics, mobile health.... needs of medical and healthcare professions continue growing in Canada. See what are sectors are the most in demand currently and for the next coming years, to choose your professional orientation. Read professionals interviews about day to day healthcare industry.

Mobile health in Canada

The health sector is undergoing a real revolution with digital health: improved treatment results, lower costs, ease of access to care and sharing of interpretations between stakeholders. Canada Health Infoway estimates a $16 billion in benefits from investments in telehealth, diagnostic imaging, drug information systems…. since 2007 (10 years). EVERYONE IN THE DIGITAL AGE Since […]

New professions in geriatrics

Whatever demographic statistics are announced, they all predict an inexorable ageing of the population. To support these elderly persons in their illnesses or loss of autonomy, Canada must rely on many competent geriatric specialists. SOME FIGURES Out of 35,151,728 people identified by Statistics Canada as living in the country in 2016, 15.7% were 65 years […]

Indoor environmental consultant : an up-and-coming profession

Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors. This number, which initially appears benign, provides food for thought considering that indoor air is the greatest cause of exposure to atmospheric pollutants. The importance of indoor air quality has led to the recent emergence of new organizations and occupations—such as indoor environmental consultant—whose role is to build […]

Focus on family physicians in rural areas

Although there is a shortage of health professionals across Canada, rural areas are particularly affected by this phenomenon. Aware of this imbalance, the provinces and territories have for several years established a number of programs intended to promote physicians locating in outlying regions. What are they? What are their limits? A FEW FIGURES ON RURAL […] network