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Respiratory Therapist: A Career With Many Opportunities

Respiratory therapist career – Respiratory therapists are members of health care teams and participate in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and cardiopulmonary diseases. Whether in the public or private sector, there are many job prospects for these respiratory system specialists. To learn more about the profession, we asked Valérie Vachon, liaison respiratory therapist for […]

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Meditation at work ? A practice in growth

Meditation at work ? Fully aware meditation or “mindfulness” sounds esoteric to your ears? Yet, the practice extends to the most serious and demanding professions, such those in the medical field and will make you better at work.   Mathew, 29, has a big year ahead of him as he finishes his MBA while migrating […]

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Unsuccessful job search : 6 ways to cope with depression

Unsuccessful job search — Unemployed people in Quebec—with an average unemployment rate of 22.2 percent—search the longest for jobs in the country. It is normal to feel depression looming on the horizon, but here are some tricks to stay the course while waiting to anchor down. Clear your mind Gregory Delrue, Senior Director of Evolution […]

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10 ideas to help improve your employees’s health

Sure, a gym membership is good. But a boss conscious of his employees’ health, that’s better! Here’s a realistic goal for a company that is invested in its well-being. Ten steps for initiating positive change. A healthy approach to business is based on three elements: senior management participation, employee consultation and a structured methodology. According […]


Back in traction

You know the feeling. It starts with a slight twinge in the lower back; it later becomes a recurring pain and ends with chronic back problems. Only once we are incapacitated do we finally make the move and see the doctor. Unfortunately, and all too often, a nice spell in traction is the solution, to […]

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Unemployment : The weight of unemployment on health

You would think that by not working we would have more time for exercise. However, that does not seem to be the case. Results of a study on the impacts unemployment has on health. We think that unemployment will finally give us enough free time to do sports, take care of ourselves and eat healthier. […]

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How To Deal with Stress At Work?

It’s everywhere, it spreads, induces palpitations, back problems, migraines, even phobias… We talk about it every day, but it’s not easy to understand stress! We generally associate stress with work, and for managers, detecting and combating it comes as no easy task. The following is based on an interview with Nora Spinks, founder and president […]

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Is too much sitting hazardous to your health?

Sitting too long can be as harmful to your health as cigarette smoking.  A news report broadcast at the end of last month on ICI Radio-Canada’s programme Découverte  talked about a work habit which is more dangerous than it seems, and proposed some solutions. Back pain, weight gain, increased risk of certain cancers, diabetes, hypertension… […]

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Use of electronic cigarettes at work coming to an end?

Use of electronic cigarettes at work – The Heart and Stroke Foundation recently appealed to the federal government to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in public and work places. Without clear regulations across Canada, several municipalities, provinces and institutions have taken action on their own. Electronic cigarettes remain a gray area in Canada. So […]


Too much work is bad for your health

A recent study goes against the cliché that work and staying busy are good for you, showing that spending too many hours at work a day increases heart attack risk. Should Canadians, who work the fourth-longest hours in the world, be on the lookout for heart attacks? Yes, according to a University College London team […]

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Bad Postures at Work : Improve Your Posture at the Office

“You should change posture for ten minutes every hour,”  Patrick Vincent, Vincent Ergonomie Bad postures at work and its unfortunate consequences is something that Patrick Vincent is thoroughly familiar with. CCPE ergonomist and founder of consulting firm Vincent Ergonomie, he has also written a number of publications for the APSAM (Association paritaire pour la santé et […]

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Nova-Scotia: Spotlight on Work-related Chronic Pain

Spotlight on work-related chronic pain On the occasion of Healthy Workplace Month, designed to prevent workplace accidents and work-related chronic pain, decided to look into the case of Nova Scotia. The province is experiencing difficulty managing occupational diseases. According to the current provincial law on compensation for workplace accidents, chronic pain is not eligible […] network