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What training is needed to become a medical secretary?

The medical secretary profession is increasingly popular in Quebec. What training can be taken to start or re-orient a career as a medical secretary? The profession of medical secretary opens the doors to hospitals, community health centres, private clinics and doctor’s offices. For those who love science and the health field, it’s the perfect choice! […]

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To Improve your Memory, Move!

A team of Canadian researchers recently concluded that aerobic training is beneficial to improving memory. The health benefits of training have been recognized for a long time: better fitness, reduced stress, refreshing sleep, improved concentration, etc. But now researchers at McMaster University in Ontario are going further by suggesting that physical activity has a positive […]


The Work of a Specialist Nurse Practitioner

There are more and more specialist nurse practitioners (NP) in Quebec. They are experts in several fields, take care of patients and work with clients with complex health problems. To take stock of these super nurses, we met Lucie Tremblay, president of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ). Mrs. Tremblay, could you […]


What does the Work of a Clinical Research Associate Consist of?

Clinical research is a fascinating field. Things are moving at a dizzying pace and there is no such thing as routine. Annie Raymond Desgagné has worked in it since 2005. She started out as a junior clinical scientist, then became a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). Even today she feels she is actively involved in advancing […]

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Medical Scribe Profession: A Stepping Stone Towards Medicine

The story of medical scribes began a decade ago in the United States, when hospitals were making the transition from paper charts to electronic medical records. To offset the physician’s loss of productivity caused by the new system and enable them to focus on medicine, some hospitals began to hire medical scribes to handle the […]

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Massage Therapy in Canada: A Different Practice by Province

Massage therapy in Canada – Relaxation, pain relief, relaxation of muscle tension, better circulation of energy through the body. There are many benefits of massage. However, training for massage therapists and the process of validating their skills varies from one province to the other. How do you get there? Massage therapy is defined as the […]


Medical Translator Profession Overview

Medical translator profession – Translation crosses the language barrier and thus ensures faithful transmission of a message by reproducing its style and meaning. Films, books, contracts and manuals are translated, but so are more specialized texts. Karine Quessy is a medical translator. She opens the doors for us to this complex but exciting profession! What […]


Respiratory Therapist: A Career With Many Opportunities

Respiratory therapist career – Respiratory therapists are members of health care teams and participate in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and cardiopulmonary diseases. Whether in the public or private sector, there are many job prospects for these respiratory system specialists. To learn more about the profession, we asked Valérie Vachon, liaison respiratory therapist for […]

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Unsuccessful job search : 6 ways to cope with depression

Unsuccessful job search — Unemployed people in Quebec—with an average unemployment rate of 22.2 percent—search the longest for jobs in the country. It is normal to feel depression looming on the horizon, but here are some tricks to stay the course while waiting to anchor down. Clear your mind Gregory Delrue, Senior Director of Evolution […]

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Meditation at work ? A practice in growth

Meditation at work ? Fully aware meditation or “mindfulness” sounds esoteric to your ears? Yet, the practice extends to the most serious and demanding professions, such those in the medical field and will make you better at work.   Mathew, 29, has a big year ahead of him as he finishes his MBA while migrating […]

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10 ideas to help improve your employees’s health

Sure, a gym membership is good. But a boss conscious of his employees’ health, that’s better! Here’s a realistic goal for a company that is invested in its well-being. Ten steps for initiating positive change. A healthy approach to business is based on three elements: senior management participation, employee consultation and a structured methodology. According […]


Back in traction

You know the feeling. It starts with a slight twinge in the lower back; it later becomes a recurring pain and ends with chronic back problems. Only once we are incapacitated do we finally make the move and see the doctor. Unfortunately, and all too often, a nice spell in traction is the solution, to […] network

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