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The Many Facets of Social Work

Whether working in a hospital setting or in a CLSC, the social worker (SW) certainly doesn’t have a boring routine. What does this profession look like? How do you become a SW? What is a social worker? Among professionals in support relationships, the SW assesses and restores the social functioning of individuals, couples, families or […]

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Working in a Psychiatric Ward – Overview

The daily routine of nurses working with patients with mental illness is not easy. Yet they have chosen to practise this profession. What are their challenges and motivations? Combating prejudices “Some nurses think that their colleagues in psychiatry lose their skills in physical care. It’s obviously false. They provide this care as in other departments,” […]

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Beneficiary Attendant – a Profession More Humane than Nature

Empathy, compassion, altruism – these are three essential qualities for an excellent beneficiary attendant. Beyond know how, self-awareness counts in this profession that is in fact a vocation. “You have to know how to put yourself aside to take care of others,” Émilie tells us, a beneficiary attendant in her early forties who has been […]

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Work Overload in the Health Sector – Some Solutions

The FSSS-CSN in April launched a campaign to urge the government to invest in order to resolve the problem of overworked employees in the health and social services sector. What solutions have been put forward? “For all employment categories in the field, the situation in CHSLDs is more than disturbing. There is an alarming lack […]


Dietitian-Nutritionist: A Medical and Human Profession

Raphaèle Ferland-Verry is a dietitian-nutritionist. She worked for several years in a hospital setting before specializing in intestinal diseases and eating disorders. She agreed to share with us her love of people and science. What does your work of dietitian-nutritionist consist of? A part of my work consists of receiving in consultation patients suffering from […]

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Occupational Health Nurse – a Career of the Future

Companies are increasingly interested in their employees’ health, which gives the occupational health nursing profession good opportunities for the future. What does this professional do? Whether in the mining, manufacturing, aerospace or construction sectors, the role of the occupational health nurse is prevention of employee injury or disease. This little known specialized profession aims to […]

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Night Work in the Medical Sector – More Benefits Than Meets the Eye

Many nurses and emergency physicians are fond of night work, despite the difficulty of this way of life. Quick look at the reasons why they choose night work. Naija Lynn is a night nurse at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital. She would not trade her night shifts for anything, which allow her to work more […]


What training is needed to become a medical secretary?

The medical secretary profession is increasingly popular in Quebec. What training can be taken to start or re-orient a career as a medical secretary? The profession of medical secretary opens the doors to hospitals, community health centres, private clinics and doctor’s offices. For those who love science and the health field, it’s the perfect choice! […]

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To Improve your Memory, Move!

A team of Canadian researchers recently concluded that aerobic training is beneficial to improving memory. The health benefits of training have been recognized for a long time: better fitness, reduced stress, refreshing sleep, improved concentration, etc. But now researchers at McMaster University in Ontario are going further by suggesting that physical activity has a positive […]


The Work of a Specialist Nurse Practitioner

There are more and more specialist nurse practitioners (NP) in Quebec. They are experts in several fields, take care of patients and work with clients with complex health problems. To take stock of these super nurses, we met Lucie Tremblay, president of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ). Mrs. Tremblay, could you […]


What does the Work of a Clinical Research Associate Consist of?

Clinical research is a fascinating field. Things are moving at a dizzying pace and there is no such thing as routine. Annie Raymond Desgagné has worked in it since 2005. She started out as a junior clinical scientist, then became a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). Even today she feels she is actively involved in advancing […]

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Medical Scribe Profession: A Stepping Stone Towards Medicine

The story of medical scribes began a decade ago in the United States, when hospitals were making the transition from paper charts to electronic medical records. To offset the physician’s loss of productivity caused by the new system and enable them to focus on medicine, some hospitals began to hire medical scribes to handle the […]

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