Resumés and cover letters templates for healthcare candidates

Here you will find templates of CVs and personalized cover letters for different health professions. You can draw inspiration from the nurse's CV model, or from a medical secretary. You will also find sample presentations for beneficiary attendants who wish to apply for a job and respond to an ad

Template of cover letter – Medical secretary

You must choose the right words to write your cover letter for a job of medical secretary. The recruiter reads several a day and will browse it very quick. The relevant information must be identified immediately

Cover letter model – Patient care assistant

Model of cover letter to apply for a job of patient care assistant, for professional with twenty years of experience.

Nurse cover letter template

This cover letter template will allow you to apply for nursing positions that include a health care consulting and management dimension

Resumé template – Medical secretary (senior)

Here is a resume to effectively summarize 20 years of experience as medical secretary, specifying the various expertise in medical services

Resumé template – Medical secretary

The reading of your CV will make the recruiter want to meet you … or not. Here is a CV template to apply for a job as a medical secretary that you could use to build your own.

Resumé template – Nurse

Get inspired by this resume template to prepare yours. Remember that the next step is to make a personal assessment. This project will lead you to reflect on your background, your motivations, your skills to better value your assets

Resumé template – Patient care assistant

If you want to get an interview, your CV must make you want to meet you! Here is a resume template to apply for a job as a patient care assistant. network