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Why deal with placement agencies

Why do job hunters turn to placement agencies? Here are the advantages and disadvantages. In 2012, according to a study from the Commission des normes du travail (CNT), 46% of temporary placement agency workers had no choice but to use them to apply to jobs that interested them. What you need to know before passing through an […]

Pay and benefits

Salary negotiations: when it pays off to be outrageous

Those who dare abandon their self-consciousness or affected shyness when comes the time for salary negotiations and ask for the sky may be richly rewarded. Read on. This tip—or rather this revelation—comes from the results of a study published in July 2011 in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Conducted by Todd J. Thorsteinson of […]


Too much work is bad for your health

A recent study goes against the cliché that work and staying busy are good for you, showing that spending too many hours at work a day increases heart attack risk. Should Canadians, who work the fourth-longest hours in the world, be on the lookout for heart attacks? Yes, according to a University College London team […]

Company life

My boss is picking on me, what do I do…?

Before answering this you need to find out why.  By considering the possibilities (and Lord knows there could be many) we will be in a better position to thoroughly address the situation. Let’s look at the different possibilities and “counter-attack” options: 1 – My boss fears me: Recognize that a defensive aggressive reaction is the […]

Not to be missed

Unplugging from work ! Time for vacation has published a list of 10 tips for forgetting all about work, to help you unplugging from work and take full advantage of your vacation In this era of smartphones, portable computers and iPads, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to check your messages at any time, wherever you are. With these wonderful, convenient new […]

Company life

Integrate your new employer

 Well there you go, you have signed your contract and you will integrate your new employer with new responsibilities and a new team on Monday morning: meeting 8.30am. Although you have been selected from among numerous candidates and you have shown good qualities in the interview, remember that the game doesn’t end there…on the contrary.  […]

Company life

Are you prone to procrastination?

Almost nobody can escape it. At one moment or another, whether working at the office or in our personal business, we all succumb to the temptation of putting things off until tomorrow, but how can we resist it? Right before Christmas, while surfing on the Internet looking for gift ideas, I came across an article […]

Company life

Bad Postures at Work : Improve Your Posture at the Office

“You should change posture for ten minutes every hour,”  Patrick Vincent, Vincent Ergonomie Bad postures at work and its unfortunate consequences is something that Patrick Vincent is thoroughly familiar with. CCPE ergonomist and founder of consulting firm Vincent Ergonomie, he has also written a number of publications for the APSAM (Association paritaire pour la santé et […]

Rights and labour standards

Nova-Scotia: Spotlight on Work-related Chronic Pain

Spotlight on work-related chronic pain On the occasion of Healthy Workplace Month, designed to prevent workplace accidents and work-related chronic pain, decided to look into the case of Nova Scotia. The province is experiencing difficulty managing occupational diseases. According to the current provincial law on compensation for workplace accidents, chronic pain is not eligible […]

Company life

Workplace Wellness Programs Overview

Workplace wellness programs: health, massage or coaching? Workplace wellness programs — Organizing fitness classes a few floors down from your office can be done! Faced with the growing preoccupation of Canadians with health and wellness, many companies are making exercise rooms available to their employees right on the premises. Inciting employees to exercise could decrease […]

Rights and labour standards

Burn-In: Presenteeism at Work, Prelude to Burn-Out

The prelude to burn-out: burn-in! Burn-In. Presenteeism at work constitutes one of the main concerns of Canadian companies with more than 250 employees, showed a recent survey by Watson Wyatt Canada, which places this phenomenon in 7th place of employer concerns. Placed at the very top, just above an aging workforce, is workers mental health. Yet […]

Rights and labour standards

20 % Rise of Work-Related Deaths in Quebec

Rise in work-related deaths The Federation of workers of Quebec (FTQ) finds the 20% rise of work-related deaths in 2005 alarming compared to the two previous years. The number has increased from 175 to 225 in two years. If an employer, by action or omission, behaves in a way that seriously and directly compromises the […]

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