Are you an ambivert?

Neither extravert nor introvert, an ambivert is combination of the two… And for this person, holding two or three part-time jobs can be a good way to fulfil yourself professionally!

Appearing for the first time in 1927 in the book Source Book for Social Psychology, the term “ambivert” is gaining popularity nearly a century later thanks to a study published in 2013 in the journal Psychological Science, according to which ambiverts would make better salespeople than extroverts and introverts. Its author, researcher Adam Grant of the University of Pennsylvania, explains this result by the fact that ambiverts don’t tend to talk too much, like extroverts, nor tend not to talk enough, like introverts. In addition, this ability to move from talking to listening in a natural and flexible way is one of the primary characteristics of their dual nature. It would also be an advantage on the job market.

Flexibility and diversity

Indeed, since ambiverts are neither hyper social like extroverts, nor hyper solitary like introverts, they lean towards one or the other of the two tendencies depending on the context and their mood, explains Beth Braccio Hering, a journalist for the FlexJobs website. As a result, they develop great flexibility and adaptability leading them to work in jobs with a variety of responsibilities, some social, others not.

Full-time ambivert and part-time jobs!

Not all jobs offer the opportunity to perform a variety of tasks. Some ambiverts will often have to take on several part-time jobs to satisfy both facets of their personality. For example, translators who find their work is too solitary and silent can nurture their social side by taking on contracts as an interpreter or private tutor. In this way they avoid suffering from isolation as well as being exhausted by constant social interactions.

In sum, the ability of ambiverts to switch from the introvert spectrum to the extrovert often leads them to work in different jobs and environments to satisfy the chameleon within. This can lead to a great career, or at least a very original career!

Curious to know if you are an ambivert? Complete this questionnaire by Daniel H. Pink, and look forward to being… alone or with others!

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