March 18 2020
Industries Healthcare, social assistance
Categories Health, Medical, Production, Operations, Quality, Safety, Management, Consulting, Administration, Management
Chisasibi, QC


Reporting to the Assistant Executive Director (AED) Miyupimaatisiiun, the incumbent contributes to the assurance of the quality of programs and services provided by the Miyupimaatisiiun Group (MG) and is responsible for coordinating the Professional Practice Quality Committee (PPQC). 

The incumbent provides clinical program and service delivery support and advice to all directors in the MG and the coordinators of Awash, Uschiniichisuu, Chishaayiyuu and Current Services in the Community Miyupimaatisiiun Centers (CMCs).

The incumbent provides support and advice to the Directors of Professional Service and Quality Assurance (DPSQAs) and Director of Medical Affairs and Services (DMAS) related to the quality of services provided by professionals and associated paraprofessional staff.

The incumbent provides a liaison function between the MG and the Pimuhteheu and Nishiiyuu departments for the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical programs and services.

The incumbent provides liaison and communications with all concerned partners of the communities, Eeyou Istchee and externally, regarding the quality of programs and services provided, as directed by the AED, and represents the AED in various circumstances.


  • Sits as a member of the Miyupimaatisiiun Group (MG) management team, participates in all MG strategic planning exercises and provides leadership for the implementation of changes related to the delivery of clinical programs and services for the MG.
  • Participates in the planning, development and implementation of clinical programs and services offered by the MG, and the incorporation of such in policies, procedures, protocols and tools.
  • Ensures that the programs and services provided are based on respect and autonomy of individuals and communities, and respond to their bio-psycho-social needs as well as cultural and spiritual needs.
  • Ensures that delivery of the clinical programs and services are consistent with the goals, values, strategic objectives of the CBHSSJB and legislation, are based on respect and autonomy of individuals and communities, respond to clients bio-psycho-social needs as well as cultural and spiritual needs, and respect the organization's commitment to culturally safe practice.
  • Coordinates and facilitates all activities related to the Professional Practice Quality Committee (PPQC) including annual meeting calendar, agenda, meeting minutes, follow-ups and annual reports.
  • Contributes to the implementation of the Quality Assurance programs, the norms and standards of quality and interventions, and the satisfaction of the clientele served.
  • Supports the DPSQAs, DMAS and the MG management teams in the development of clinical professionals and teams to create a collaborative and integrated model of care. 
  • Provides an effective liaison and problem solving function between the MG and the Commissioner of Complaints, Pimuhteheu, Nishiiyuu and Wiichihiituwin departments.
  • Carries out mandated strategic files and special projects, according to the role and as assigned by the AED – Miyupimaatisiiun.



  • Bachelor degree in Health and Social Field;
  • Member of a professional order.

Experience :

  • Management experience in leading clinical teams.
  • Minimum of 3 years of clinical experience in providing direct patient care.

Knowledge and abilities:

  • Good knowledge of the MSSS and Quebec Healthcare programs, laws, regulations, the RUIS Network, orientations and trends especially for integration of traditional methods of healing into Healthcare surveillance, protection, promotion and prevention;
  • Good knowledge of public health current issues and trends, and program planning and supervision, including the development of policies and programs, and quality assurance systems;
  • Good knowledge of public health surveillance methods, techniques and statistical analysis;
  • Good knowledge of public health communication needs and approaches;
  • Ability to apply Eeyou (Cree) culture and values in the workplace;
  • Excellent critical thinking, planning and organizational skills as applied to planning;
  • Results-oriented, autonomous, flexible, and ability to multi-task;
  • Ability to manage the planning and development of new clinical programs, services, supporting protocols and to maintain consistent application of decision principles;
  • Excellent interpersonal, leadership and respectful teamwork skills;
  • Excellent communication skills, both for written and oral presentations;
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with all colleagues, as a team member, and as an informal leader;
  • Ability in administrative and statistical computer applications;
  • Knowledge of Cree culture is an asset.


  • Fluent in English;
  • Fluency in Cree or French is an asset.

Additional information:

  • Willing to travel extensively and participate in required training;
  • Temporary position of one year.
  • Premiums: retention, northern allowance and cargo
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