System Administrator - General Medicine Inpatient Initiative (gemini)

October 13 2021
Industries Healthcare, social assistance
Categories Administration, Management, Health, Medical, Information Technology, System administrator
Toronto, ON

GEMINI is Canada’s largest hospital patient data repository for research and currently holds data on >400,000 hospital admissions from 8 Ontario hospitals and is growing to include >30 hospitals by the end of 2021. The GEMINI data platform supports the Ontario General Medicine Quality Improvement Network (GeMQIN), a provincial network led by Ontario Health (OH, formerly Health Quality Ontario) to improve care for general medicine hospital patients. Our vision is a collaborative hospital data and analytics platform to accelerate research and quality improvement for excellent hospital care.

We are looking to hire a System Administrator to join the GEMINI team and provide technical guidance and support of a truly unique data platform in the Canadian healthcare landscape. This role involves managing all of GEMINI’s systems including a high performance computing cluster environment, conducting administrative responsibilities, monitor servers for optimal performance, and maintaining a secure environment. They will be required to troubleshoot problems as they arise, provide support in a timely manner, and assist other activities as requested by the Manager including implementing new initiatives.

This is a demanding role requiring a high degree of independence to problem solve and troubleshoot in a fast-paced research work environment. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are also important assets in this role to work with a non-technical and technical audience. We are looking for a candidate with excellent technical skills and strong analytical and organization skills. You will be joining a fun and dynamic team that is highly motivated and share a passion for making an impact in the Canadian healthcare domain. This is a one-year contract position.


System maintenance and administration responsibilities (60%):

  • Perform Linux OS installation, configuration, evaluation, upgrading, patching, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Manage and monitor all production-related systems and respond quickly and decisively as issues arise to bring about a quick resolution.
  • Deploy and configure server services to include LDAP, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, CRON, NFS, DNS and ensure their availability and stability.
  • Work with DB teams to optimize Postgresql Database Server(s) performance and related requirements, such as CPU cores, shared memory, disk space extension.
  • Leverage Bash, Perl, Python, or other scripting skills as needed to provide systems-level automation for recurring tasks and functions.
  • Handle the creation of user accounts on the directory service, and access management for our various systems/software.
  • Provide incident response, diagnostic and advanced troubleshooting connectivity, credentials, and access issues and resolve them before they become noticeable.
  • Create playbooks and deploy them via tools such as Ansible.
  • Occasionally deploy services to LXD/Docker containers

Support, troubleshooting, and leadership responsibilities (30%):

  • Provide high-level technical guidance to the team, in the design of new systems and solutions to streamline workflows and operations.
  • Assist other members of the team with resolving technical issues when needed expertise exceeds their skill set.
  • Actively participate in meetings, and provide constant updates and feedback to the team on actions being taken and blockers encountered.
  • Maintain active involvement in designated activities of new projects going live
  • Provide knowledge transfer and technical training of our systems to partners and stakeholders as needed.
  • Provide leadership in problem-solving, incident identification and resolution.

Business support and technology improvement responsibilities (10%):

  • Evaluating solutions for business needs and planning the design, acquisition and buildout/deployment of same.
  • Identify and develop methods and procedures to enhance system security and auditing.
  • Document systems, services and software in our environment, including Standard Operating Procedures and maintain the documentation as changes occur.
  • Keep skills and knowledge current and stay informed of new trends in the industry

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Completion of a recognized Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science required;
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as a Systems Administrator required;
  • Deep Linux knowledge including performance tuning, process management, LVM storage provisioning and expansion required;
  • Experience provisioning and managing Slurm clusters is ideal;
  • Programming experience with Bash shell scripting, Python, and Ansible required;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of container solutions like LXD and Docker is ideal;
  • Demonstrated experience working with VPN, DNS, FreeIPA in production required;
  • Experience with configuring and managing NGINX both as a web server and proxy required;
  • Experience with configuring and managing SQUID proxy in production required;
  • Experience with managing SonarQube Nexus required;
  • Experience with git and administering GitLab required;
  • Experience with Openstack;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of configuring and managing PostgreSQL high availability, load balancing and replication required;
  • Exceptional documentation and presentation skills required;
  • Ability to interface with other teams in a collaborative environment required;
  • Able to communicate highly technical concepts in non-technical terms required;
  • Good organizational skills. Ability to reprioritize on the fly required;
  • Able to take high level direction and execute with minimal intervention required;
  • Ability to handle situations involving unplanned outages required;
  • Ability to function within a 24/7 environment.

As a condition of employment, all external hires will be required to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination or documentation unless a valid accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code exists. All internal candidates must be in compliance with Unity Health Toronto's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

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