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Medical Lead

August 10 2020
Industries Education, Training
Categories Health, Medical, Administration, Management, HR, Training, Physicians
Kingston, ON

Working with the Executive Director (ED), the Medical Lead for Queen's Student Wellness Services is accountable for developing, maintaining and managing comprehensive health care services at the University.  The Medical Lead's services are provided in two distinct and separate ways:

  1. Medical Services (80%) - provides comprehensive health care services to all Queen's University students including: medical and mental health services, clinical oversite for the other physicians as needed, immunization and other nurse appointments, as well as giving direction to the health education and promotion program..
  2. Member of the SWS Leadership team (20%) - working closely with the Executive Director and SWS administration to provide guidance and direction from a physician perspective when working on different initiatives such as capacity building, billing, physician recruitment and changes to practice.


  • Adheres to appropriate College guidelines, and models the way for other physicians in the SWS clinic, ensuring high professional standards of practice for all physician staff.
  • Provides continuing medical care with responsibility for the development of optimum doctor/patient relationship, complete follow-up and referral.
  • Maintains high level of professional performance by selecting, motivating, training, retaining and appraising a diverse team of medical staff. 
  • With the ED, plans for the appropriate number of medical staff needed to meet service demands.
  • With the ED, assesses and interviews applicants to fill clinical staff vacancies.
  • With the ED, develops policies and procedures that guide practice in SWS.
  • Acts as physician expert with regard to OHIP billing, OMA recommendations for third party billing, virtual platforms and Electronic Health Record (OSCAR) to ensure efficiency.
  • Meets regularly with the Executive Director and other leadership team members to review and plan functions and practices within Wellness Services to ensure they are meeting the demands in terms of ongoing needs and trends for Queen's University students.
  • Provides consultation advice and guidelines for quality assurance related to medical services, medical staff and clinical practices.
  • Provides consultation to nursing staff with respect to medical issues and delegated medical acts within SWS, as needed.
  • Develops and updates the medical directives for SWS as needed.
  • Provides information in response to internal & external inquiries related to medical services provided within SWS.
  • Acts as the Student Wellness Services spokesperson in consultation with the ED on medical issues as needed on behalf of the university community.
  • Liaise with the university community, community hospitals, local community health organizations and professional groups as needed.
  • May provide occupational health screening, including vaccinations and TB screening
  • May provide consultation in complex return to work cases to facilitate accommodation in the workplace in a safe and timely fashion to encourage return to work, rehabilitation, and prevention of disability
  • May provide consultation on ergonomic issues and advise on equipment selection to reduce risk of injury
  • Promote optimum health and safety in the workplace
  • Serves on committees within the University community or the broader community on medical issues as a representative of SWS and/or the University, as required.
  • Keeps apprise to, and provides information, written and verbal, to the Executive Director on issues within the medical community, locally and provincially, which may influence the management of SWS and the delivery of primary care to the university population.
  • Works with the ED to optimize clinic functions.
  • Provides consultation to the ED, as needed.  This may include, but is not limited to, consultation regarding:  individual patient inquiries, medical issues affecting the academic & residence communities, clinic policies and procedures, and events in the community or decisions by professional bodies which may influence the delivery of medical services in the clinic.
  • With the ED, co-chairs meetings for the physician staff and other members of the Leadership Team addressing SWS current issues, changes required, and future planning.
  • Ensures optimum primary medical and counselling care for students, by anticipating requirements, and by developing and maintaining all services to best meet the needs of the students and staff.
  • With the ED, contributes to effective financial management by ensuring sound planning, careful preparation and administration of SWS functions.
  • With the ED, develops and maintains health education activities and programs for the students, and the staff and clinicians within SWS.
  • Provides appropriate medical leadership and direction for students, staff and colleagues in the areas of primary care, disease prevention, skills development and continuing education.
  • With the ED, develops and implements inclusive practices that meet the current needs of student's health related issues.  For example, transcare, ADHD treatment, mental health assessment and treatment .
  • Takes an active role in team-building with all staff members within the clinics and make positive contributions to support and maintain staff morale within the clinics. 
  • Observes all SWS and Queen's University policies and procedures with respect to problem resolution.
  • Augments and maintains professional skills through ongoing in-service presentations, professional development and Continuing Medication Education programs.
  • With the ED, arranges emergency training sessions for SWS physicians and nurses as needed.  For example pandemic planning and preparedness.
  • Other clinical leadership duties as required.


  • M.D and eligible for licensure in the Province of Ontario
  • Member in good standing of the Ontario Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO).
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association malpractice insurance (CMPA).
  • CCFP, FRCPC or FRCSC, preferred
  • 5-7years leadership experience in a primary or acute care setting
  • Experience in clinical medicine (family practice, emergency medicine, adolescent medicine).
  • Medical practice management experience, preferred
  • Experience with dispute resolution
  • Experience with care of adolescents and young adults 
  • Understanding of Occupational Health services


  • Excellent dispute resolution, decision making and critical thinking skills Excellent interviewing and counselling skills
  • Basic computer knowledge, knowledge of EMRs and remote medicine delivery
  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse student body and commitment to intercultural development, equity, diversity and inclusivity
  • Ability to develop strong relationships among members of diverse groups
  • Ability to analyze complex situations and determine appropriate course of action to reach a resolution, using advanced analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills to work collaboratively with other professionals
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


  • Clinical leadership and decision making in the provision of quality patient care
  • Identifies, recommends, and leads the implementation of changes to policies and procedures to ensure quality medical and mental health care that are inclusive and equitable for a diverse student body, and with a view to staff satisfaction and morale
  • Rapidly make clinical decisions in a fast-paced environment with competing demands. Provides consultative advice and guidance to other medical staff in the face of similar decisions.
  • In consultation with ED, make recommendations on all major decisions regarding hiring, dismissals and performance appraisals of medical staff
  • Provide rapid and comprehensive consultative advice and guidance during an emergency or crisis (for example a pandemic, a communicable disease outbreak or death of a student) to the ED, the clinic staff, the DSA and/or other community member to help lead and manage the situation. network