Medical Director, Medical Aesthetics

February 29 2024
Categories Physicians
Port Moody, BC | Vancouver, BC • Full time

What we are about:

MSP is a group of Canada’s leading Medical Aesthetics clinics with the goal of providing world-class client experiences. We aim to allow our partners to achieve their personal and professional aspirations by providing support through a collaborative and inclusive approach. MSP has partnered with some of Canada’s most reputable and well-known Medical Aesthetic Physicians and together, with an innovative clinical approach, supported by a strong cast of businesses ingenuity, we will continue to grow and dominate the industry in Canada.


What you are about:

You are a highly motivated individual who is dynamic and has a passion for the rapidly advancing medical aesthetics field. You have strong sense of self and a confident demeaner. You have the unique ability to put others at ease in your presence and feel comfortable in a vulnerable space. You appreciate the art of the Medical Aesthetics industry and derive happiness from others achieving their personal goals and aspirations. You have an ability to make quick black and white decisions but also understand that shades of grey offer ultimate creatively and innovation. You are personable and you understand that the Medical Aesthetics field requires and personal approach to treating patients. Above all, you have a strong sense of integrity, to your work, to your patients and to your fellow teammates.

  • A keen interest in growing and innovating in the medical aesthetics field
  • A strong sense of integrity for your work and your practice
  • A confident, natural leader who assumes responsibility and initiative for both you and your team’s success
  • You are open to growing and learning new skills and advancing your knowledge of medical aesthetics
  • Unrestricted license with the College of Surgeons and Physicians in BC
  • Previous training in neuromodulation and filler injections
  • 1+ years of injecting experience

What we can offer you:

  • The ability to be a part of a larger system, partnering with Canada’s leading Medical Aesthetics Physicians
  • Training and growth opportunities
  • A superior marketing engine investing and supporting in your clinic
  • Cutting edge research opportunities
  • The opportunity to work directly in succession with one of the top medical aesthetic physicians in Canada
  • Competitive rates and industry incentives.

OUR PEOPLE FIRST COMMITMENT MedSpa Partners is committed to offering a family focused environment based on equality and respect. More specifically, we respect our Team Members point of differentiation, need for development and we respect each individual voice in the company. We believe that the most successful businesses are those that have a natural, not forced, “people first” culture and in turn, we place value on Team Member learning, career path development, and inclusiveness. As a primary focus in our selection process, we place a high value on attitude and self-awareness to ensure that our team is aligned and well suited to not only be a part of, but further assist in living out our family focused culture.

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