Appointments in Healthcare, December 2022

Andrew Campbell @Sensi Brands Inc.

Andrew Campbell was hired by Sensi Brands Inc. as Director, Brand & Product Strategy in Toronto. He had formerly worked at VIVO Cannabis Inc. .

Thyagarajan Sourirajan @IQVIA

After working as a Director CMC Regulatory strategy at Labcorp Drug Development, Thyagarajan Sourirajan has been appointed Head CMC Center of Excellence Regulatory Affairs and Drug Development Solutions at IQVIA in Toronto.

Najib Bouchouk @Haleon

Najib Bouchouk is leaving the position of Project Manager in Genipro (STNH) inc. . He will be working as Senior Project Manager at Haleon in Saint-Basile-le-Grand.

Jonathan Lainesse @Labcorp Drug Development

Jonathan Lainesse is moving on from being Project Manager in Paladin Labs. He will become Site Contract Lead at Labcorp Drug Development in Montreal.

Joelle Robitaille @Ogilvy Health Canada

Joelle Robitaille joined Ogilvy Health Canada as a Senior Account Director in Ottawa. She was employed as a VP Business Excellence at Impetus Digital.

Victor Prevost @EUROAPI

Victor Prevost is taking up the duties of API Sales Manager and Business Development at EUROAPI in Montreal. He had been working as an API Sales and Business Development at Sanofi previously.

Marie Bérubé @Ventus Therapeutics

Marie Bérubé was hired by Ventus Therapeutics as Senior Scientist in Capitale-Nationale. Formerly, she had worked as Senior Scientist II at NuChem Sciences.

Tuan Dang @DOYLE optométristes & opticiens

Tuan Dang has taken up the role of Directeur at DOYLE optométristes & opticiens in Montreal. He held a similar position at Lunetterie New Look.

Ketaki Deshmukh @Mediphage Bioceuticals

Ketaki Deshmukh moved from CannTrust to join Mediphage Bioceuticals in Toronto as a lead formulation Scientist.

Suruchi Mullick @Innomar Strategies

Suruchi Mullick has been hired by Innomar Strategies as a Quality Assurance Manager, Operations (QA-ISI) in Toronto. She had worked at ANGLE Biosciences Inc.

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