BIPoC Wellbeing Advisor

October 17 2021
Industries Education, Training
Categories Health, Medical, Education, Library, Social Work, Counselling, Psychology, Govt., NPO, Social & Community Work
Kingston, ON

Reporting directly to the Clinical Services Lead, and taking day to day direction from the Yellow House Director, the BIPoC Wellbeing Advisor specializes in mental health and wellbeing matters related to the lived experiences of student communities who identify as Black, Indigenous and/or people of colour (BIPoC) and is responsible for designing and implementing a broad range of programs that promote the success and wellbeing of racially and ethnically diverse students from orientation to graduation at Queen's.

In support of the holistic development of racially and ethnically diverse students, the BIPoC Wellness Advisor will facilitate group sessions and workshops that respond to student needs and campus climate as it relates to BIPoC student communities, as well as 1:1 advising services rooted in a strong understanding of wellbeing practices designed to engage and support BIPoC communities.

The BIPoC Wellness Advisor will be a regulated health professional able to establish supportive relationships, assess student's issues and refer as needed. In order to address the unique needs and concerns of BIPoC student communities, this opportunity is open only to qualified individuals who self-identify as Black, Indigenous and/or people of colour (BIPoC). This initiative follows the provisions of a special program and special employment as outlined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission:

• Under the guidance of the Director, Yellow House Centre for Student Equity and Inclusion and in collaboration with campus partners, design, implement and evaluate wellbeing programming, workshops and resources tailored to the needs of BIPoC and intersecting student identities (e.g. cultural, sexual identity, gender-based, ethnic, faith, etc.).
• Provide 1:1 personal, crisis and short-term advising services in consultation with the Student Wellness Services interdisciplinary team, providing referrals as needed to address mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression and situational distress.
• Work with Student Wellness Services' interdisciplinary team, virtual external counsellors and the Yellow House Centre for Student Equity and Inclusion to build a holistic system of support for BIPoC students.
• Support the development of specialized resource materials that acknowledge emerging issues and needs of BIPoC student communities on campus under the guidance of the Director, Yellow House and in collaboration with campus and external partners, including initiatives and communications that promptly respond to emerging needs in the face of local, national and/or international events surrounding racism, discrimination and/or hate.
• Lead communications and marketing outreach initiatives tailored directly to BIPoC student communities to encourage engagement with wellbeing supports on campus.
• Integrate programming, initiatives and communications within larger-scale campus activities (i.e. Orientation activities, Black History Month, Pride Month, etc.).
• Advocate for and act as a liaison for individual students who identify as BIPoC and student clubs that support BIPoC communities, supporting the development of a robust peer-to-peer infrastructure through community meetings, support and discussion groups and other specialized support services.
• Maintain confidentiality in all aspects of patient, staff and organization information.
• Maintain expertise in the unique and complex developmental needs of racially and ethnically diverse students, and issues of identity, retention, and persistence for these populations.
• Other duties as required in support of Student Wellness Services and the Yellow House Centre for Student Equity & Inclusion.

• Bachelor of Social work or higher from a recognized University
• Registered and in good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW).
• Minimum of 3-5 years experience as a social worker serving racially and ethnically diverse communities.
• Demonstrated competence in conflict management, interpersonal effectiveness and group education.
• Strong understanding of and experience in embedding racial trauma as a lens of support within wellbeing resources for BIPoC students.
• Strong understanding of and experience in acknowledging intersectional identities within systems of support for BIPoC students, including but not limited to ability, international status, sexual and gender diversity and age.
• Professional experience in honing safe and accountable space for BIPoC student communities to engage with wellbeing services.
• Success in the development of diverse and complex programming including experiential education programs grounded in the knowledge of student development, transition and retention theories as they pertain to racially and ethnically diverse students.
• Knowledge and proficiency in current, evidenced-based methods and practices of primary care social work services including clinical and supportive care.
• Satisfactory Criminal Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening required.

• Excellent advising skills, including the ability to establish an empathic relationship and to engender trust; sound judgment; a non-judgmental stance.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills; outstanding interpersonal skills.
• Excellent research, presenting and writing skills
• Highly developed skills in organization, time management, and problem solving
• Excellent human relations skills, especially the ability to empathize and communicate effectively in a racially and ethnically diverse setting, in intercultural settings, and in sexual and gender diverse setting.
• Ability to exercise a high level of judgment, diplomacy, and tact and to respect and maintain confidentiality in sensitive and/or volatile situations.
• Excellent relationship building skills, ability to collaborate with professionals from a range of varied disciplines in a team-oriented environment.
• Ability to work both independently and effectively in an interdisciplinary team environment.

• Under the guidance of the Director, Yellow House Centre for Student Equity and Inclusion, and in collaboration with campus partners, determine effective strategies for providing services, educational programs and support to BIPoC and intersecting student communities.
• With guidance of the Director, Yellow House Centre for Student Equity and Inclusion, makes decisions regarding the coordination of information, material, and logistics for programming
• With guidance from the Clinical Staff Lead, provide consultation and/or recommendations on decisions regarding patient care within the legal scope of practice of the profession.
• With guidance of the Director, Yellow House Centre for Student Equity and the Clinical Staff Lead, makes decisions regarding when and to whom to refer students/clients within and outside the university
• With guidance from the Clinical Staff Lead, conducts social assessment of patients; determines needs required to resolve social issues.
• With guidance from the Clinical Staff Lead, provides advising services to patients deciding on a treatment/care plan. Determines services available to connect patients to the appropriate internal and external community services and programs.
• Ability to distinguish between circumstances in which decisions can be made independently and those where consultation is needed.

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