Principal House Officer (Medical Registrar or equivalent - Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service, Queensland (au)

May 25 2023
Expected expiry date: June 13 2023
Categories Physicians
International, IN • Full time

Location: Cairns, Queensland Australia

Remuneration:   AU$4540.00 – $5236.00 per fortnight (F/T)      AU$59.73 - $68.94 per hour (P/T)

Your opportunity

To participate in comprehensive and holistic patient care as a part of a multidisciplinary team providing high quality clinical care to the patients of Cairns Hospital and the opportunity to work in the Integrated Medicine Department which will provide a good overview of Medicine and the challenges that can occur.

Your role

  • Fulfil the responsibilities of this role in accordance with CHHHS values as outlined above.
  • Follow defined service quality standards, occupational health and work policies and procedures relating to the work being undertaken in order to ensure high quality, safe services and workplaces.
  • Implement and monitor the organisation’s quality standards, work health and safety policies, procedures and programs and provide clinical governance in the relevant work area.
  • This position is ideally suited to a Principal House Officer in Medicine and the primary function of the position is to provide high quality clinical care to the patients of Cairns Hospital.
  • Liaise with other Hospital Departments as required ensuring the coordination of safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness of Hospital services.
  • Implement and undertake teaching and educational initiatives and responsibilities within the specialty area.
  • Actively participate in a working environment supporting quality human resource management practices including employment equity, anti-discrimination, occupational health and safety, and ethical behaviour.
  • Conduct day to day review of patients.
  • To ensure comprehensive, accurate and concise medical records are maintained for patients with an appropriate signed and dated legible entry in the patient's medical record on every attendance upon a patient. The Medical Officer should also print their name under the signature or the electronic equivalent, when applicable.
  • Contribute to quality patient care by participation in case planning which includes appropriate pre-admission planning, in-hospital care and discharge planning.
  • To provide assistance with medical procedures and outpatient clinics as directed by the Consultant to which assigned.

How you will be assessed?

You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the following key capabilities, knowledge and experience. Within the context of the responsibilities described above under ‘Your role’, the ideal applicant will be someone who can demonstrate the following:

Patient Management

  • Provides management of patient care by displaying personal qualities of politeness and empathy as well as involving patients and carers in the care process.

Directing Others

  • Demonstrates people management skins in directing junior medical staff and recognises team members and their contribution to the team.


  • Demonstrates effective communication skills by actively listening, providing relevant and timely information and adapting their style to suit others.

Developing Others

  • Actively participates in the development of others through the provision of tuition, education and on-the-job learning.

Continuous Improvement

  • Promotes a safe and quality focused work environment by demonstrating safe work practices, reviewing practices, identifying areas of improvement and acting accordingly.

Continuous Learning

  • Committed to own ongoing professional development and actively participates in the hospital community to further own knowledge.

Work Values

  • Demonstrates honesty, integrity and respect for all patients, carers and staff.

Enquiries:  Dr Nirjhar Nandi   E:    +617 4226 8536

Job Ad Reference: CAH486423

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Closing Date: 4 February 2024







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