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Nurses – How to Keep Morale Up

Although the physical and psychological challenges of nursing staff concern both political, hospital and union leaders, within the team nurses’ equilibrium depends on individual determining factors. What are they? Recognition Expressions of gratitude by patients and families is by far one of the leading sources of motivation for nurses. “The thanks from patients and their […]

Career management

The Many Facets of Social Work

Whether working in a hospital setting or in a CLSC, the social worker (SW) certainly doesn’t have a boring routine. What does this profession look like? How do you become a SW? What is a social worker? Among professionals in support relationships, the SW assesses and restores the social functioning of individuals, couples, families or […]

Career management

Working in a Psychiatric Ward – Overview

The daily routine of nurses working with patients with mental illness is not easy. Yet they have chosen to practise this profession. What are their challenges and motivations? Combating prejudices “Some nurses think that their colleagues in psychiatry lose their skills in physical care. It’s obviously false. They provide this care as in other departments,” […]

Company life

The Risks of Working Standing Up

Whether you are a cashier or a waiter in a restaurant, these professional activities require you to stand for several hours at a time. How do you avoid back pain? Advice from a specialist. As recognized by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), a protracted standing and semi-immobile position causes work-related musculoskeletal […]

Rights and labour standards

Work Overload in the Health Sector – Some Solutions

The FSSS-CSN in April launched a campaign to urge the government to invest in order to resolve the problem of overworked employees in the health and social services sector. What solutions have been put forward? “For all employment categories in the field, the situation in CHSLDs is more than disturbing. There is an alarming lack […]

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How to Find the Right Distance to Keep with Customers

In a community pharmacy, close to 2/3 of the work is devoted to contact with customers. A successful interaction consists of ensuring there is a balance between personalized attention and the right distance. How do you find it? Instill trust According to Pierre-Marc Gervais, pharmacist in Montreal, it’s a matter of presenting yourself, stating the […]

Jobs search

After Sending your CV, Should you Follow up?

Wait quietly for the recruiter’s call or go a step ahead of the news? Following up your application is often highly recommended, provided you do it right. Explanations and advice from an expert. According to Mélanie Hébert, employment consultant at Orienthèque, the first step is to check that your file has been received. “This confirmation […]

Company life

6 Tips to Concentrate Successfully in an Open Area Environment

Colleagues who are loud, laughing and talking out loud, continuous movements and visual distractions, lack of intimacy… working in an open area is sometimes a real ordeal. Here are some tips to concentrate successfully in an open area environment. 1. Think collectively An initial solution to find an optimal work environment consists of proposing an informal […]

Jobs search

What is the Role of Employment Agencies?

Across Canada, more than 400,000 workers have a job through 1,300 employment agencies which are members of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS). What is the role of employment agencies, concentrating, in Quebec and Ontario, about one-third of job offers? What is an employment agency? An employment agency means a public […] network