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Risks to Manage While Seeking a Job

Lack of money is the biggest risk faced by job seekers. Here are our tips of what to look out for and to reduce other risks from your lack of work. Financial risk The fear of financial fiasco may make you want to shorten your search by accepting the first job that comes along. No […]


What Happens at the Second Job Interview?

Employers are requiring a second job interview more and more frequently. This is an opportunity for you to present yourself in more depth and ask your nagging questions. Here are our five tips to make the most of this second meeting. Be glad Being called to a second interview is excellent news, and it means […]


Ambulance Attendant, a Dream Job for the Empathetic Sportsman

The shortage of ambulance attendants is being felt in many regions of Canada. Overview of the qualities required to become a prehospital emergency care technician. Do you want a profession that combines adrenalin and empathy, the joy of driving and a passion for health? “Those who have this profile are assured of finding work immediately […]

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How to Make a Career in Clinical Research

  Canada, and Montreal in particular, is the Eldorado of clinical research. It is a paradise for qualified nurses as well as for health professionals with a variety of profiles, who can become associates or coordinators for clinical research. Steps to take. Although there is a certain pool of clinical research jobs directly within the […]

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Job Search Tips to Forget

The world of employment is not what it used to be. As well, certain classic job search tips no longer apply, according to Forbes magazine, which recently drew up a list of tips to discard. To be a good job seeker of the day, here are recommendations and general advice not to follow. The job […]


3 Years: The Ideal Duration of a Job (According to Employers)

Staying in a job for 3 years would be the ideal duration for employers, according to Indeed. For employees… six months! Results of a survey on perceptions of professional leapfrogging. In 2018, professionals are changing career often and accumulating more jobs than the baby boomers did. Adaptability, curiosity, variety and volatility: these are the values […]

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Regulations in the pharmaceutical sector are serious!

Before a medicine or treatment can be marketed, companies in the pharmaceutical sector have to comply with the regulations in force in Canada. What do those responsible for regulatory affairs do? For pharmaceutical companies, having Health Canada quickly approve their new drugs or changes to their products is the critical factor. The sooner the product […]

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Beneficiary Attendant – a Profession More Humane than Nature

Empathy, compassion, altruism – these are three essential qualities for an excellent beneficiary attendant. Beyond know how, self-awareness counts in this profession that is in fact a vocation. “You have to know how to put yourself aside to take care of others,” Émilie tells us, a beneficiary attendant in her early forties who has been […]

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Night Work in the Medical Sector – More Benefits Than Meets the Eye

Many nurses and emergency physicians are fond of night work, despite the difficulty of this way of life. Quick look at the reasons why they choose night work. Naija Lynn is a night nurse at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital. She would not trade her night shifts for anything, which allow her to work more […] network