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The Quebec economy has been recovering very gradually for a few weeks, but the most recent data released by Statistics Canada indicate that nothing has been gained in terms of employment. A staggering unemployment rate According to figures for the month of April released by Statistics Canada on May 8, 3 million jobs have been […]


Challenges When Working With Clients at the End of Their Life

What type of personality is required to work in a palliative care centre that looks after patients at the end of their life? Chantal Laferrière, managing director of the Source Bleue Palliative Care Home Foundation sheds light on the matter. Unlike curative care, whose purpose is to cure a person with a disease, the goal […]

Oddly enough

Are you an ambivert?

Neither extravert nor introvert, an ambivert is combination of the two… And for this person, holding two or three part-time jobs can be a good way to fulfil yourself professionally! Appearing for the first time in 1927 in the book Source Book for Social Psychology, the term “ambivert” is gaining popularity nearly a century later […]


Why Do a Master’s or Doctorate Degree in Nursing?

It is often mistakenly thought that studying to become a nurse or to work in the nursing field is limited to a college diploma or Bachelor’s degree. However, there is also the Master’s and Doctorate degree! So what are the specializations, research areas and job opportunities? We talk about this with Caroline Larue, vice-dean of […]

Career management

Do you have a career development plan?

In life, we often like to believe in our lucky star… From a professional point of view, establishing a career development plan can actually help the stars to align themselves. A career plan: a development tool that we’ve all heard about, but… who has one? However, according to Al Dea, career development specialist, those who […]


The Exit Interview and Why it Matters

When an employee resigns it is becoming more and more common to conduct an exit interview. How is it conducted? What do you gain from it? We spoke to Émilie Pelletier, CHRP and HR marketing and communication strategist at HRM Group. Less known than the hiring interview, the exit interview is gaining popularity among organizations […]


The Job Search – How to Keep Your Morale Up

Between rejection and when tons of resumes act like messages in bottles, how do you keep your morale up in spite of everything? Tips from Mathieu Guénette, guidance counsellor. Revise your CV and ask for advice According to Mr. Guénette, the first thing to do is to make sure your CV is clear and relevant. […] network